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Hey! I had my bottom wisdom teeth removed on the 17th of December under general. The left one came out fine and has healed fine. But the right one was impacted, while I feel it’s healed fine (I can eat normally now and have no pain. The gum around my last molar on the right side has completely detached, it’s not red or painful but it’s basically creating a pocket for food to fall in. Will this heal and reattach it’s self to my tooth or do I need to go back to my surgeon? I’m not really sure how to describe it but if I poke around I can go right down to the roots of my back molar. Like the gum just sits unattached now. Where my wisdom tooth was is fine. The gum sits where it should. It’s just around the molar. Sorry for the long post, just a bit worried and it’s not easy to go see a dentist atm because of covid.


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