Wisdom Teeth and Sleep Disorder : Dentistry

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A thought occurred to me today regarding wisdom teeth. I still have mine, and I am supposed to get them removed soon because I have developed quite severe cavities in the two of the teeth. I have always been opposed to removing them simply because I did not believe in removing them for no reason, but now that there is a reason, I don’t see what else can be done. My dentist says that filling the cavity is useless because it is too big. She says that given that the others are developing them as well, it’s clear that this will be an issue, especially because I have only ever had one cavity in my entire life otherwise. I clean my teeth meticulously, so I feel there is really nothing that can be done.

I wondered how they would impact my sleep disorder, because I have UARS, and if perhaps they would improve it. Upon doing some research and asking a few people I know, it seems the consensus is that removing them will make my problem significantly worse.

Is this true? What am I supposed to do if this is the case? Let them rot? I can feel the one cavity with my finger and it is big. It’s something that is likely to start to cause extreme pain eventually, probably in a matter of months.


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