Wisdom teeth and related pain question : Dentistry


So, I just now realized both of the wisdom teeth on the left side of my mouth are basically fully in, I never even realized they were wisdom teeth. Like 5 years ago my orthodontist recommended getting them removed and I just never did.

The reason I noticed is because there’s a little bit of gum covering it that started hurting really badly yesterday, I’d say it covers about 15% of the tooth in the back, like it’s been slowing peeling back over the years without me noticing. My question is, will this pain and the gum associated with it most likely resolve itself? If the tooth is basically all the way out and the rest of my teeth are still fine in terms of straightness, I’d assume it’s all good, right? Not really tryna deal with the dentist right now with the current state of things. Thanks for any advice

Edit: I should clarify, I shouldn’t say it hurts really badly, and in fact by looking at it it doesn’t even look inflamed. It just hurts when I eat hard/dry things and is really annoying


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