when can you eat normal foods after a maxillary …


Hi dentists of reddit!

I had a traumatic fall and fractured my “maxillary alveolar process”, and teeth 8,9,10 are loose. 9 came out completely. I have a splint on my teeth for about 4 1/2 weeks now, and was wondering when I will be able to eat normal foods again, as I am tired of soft foods. When the splint is off, can I immediately start eating all kinds of food? (ex. I feel chips would not be good idea). Is there a transition process to the foods you can eat?

Also, I know that it is probably difficult to know what will happen without seeing any scans or anything, but what is going to happen to my teeth? My tooth that fell out , fell out at around 10:40pm and was inserted by 11:15pm in my mouth, but I could not see a dentist because the ER didnt have one, until the following day at noon. Will I get to keep my teeth? Is the dentist going to do root canals? Will I be able speak the following day after the removal of the splint (Archbar composite wire??)? Also, I think a little bit of my gums are receding, as there is a space between 8 9 teeth where the gums usually are.

THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE IF YOU ANSWER MY QUESTIONS, as I am a poor student very concerned about what will happen to my teeth. I cannot afford implants and I would like to have teeth before I do my internships.


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