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I go to the dentist on Wednesday and I’m extremely anxious. I have my four back teeth like 75% decayed from being chipped off and my teeth are yellow. I’ve been fighting depression and if you know anything about depression, it becomes tedious to do simple chores such as brushing your teeth. I’m very worried about the comments of cavities I may have and I’m scared of having my teeth in my back removed. They still have the four points and bottom layer but the rest is gone. I was supposed to go two years back as well for my teeth chipping but it got out of hand.

I’m just worried about any comments about my cavities since I know I have maybe 2 and the 4 back teeth problems. What should I expect the result to be from them about my teeth? If I get the four back taken out, could I get anything to replace?

How to calm dentist anxiety as well lol?


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