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The past five or six days I’ve had my gums on the lower right side of my mouth, along with the gums on the upper side of my mouth swollen and painful. I’ve gone the dentist in order to get it checked out, they did a cleaning procedure and also found four cavaties which were tiny and I was able to get them taken care of today with fillings.

However, periodically today I’ve waves of pain on the gums on upper slight right side of my mouth, and after getting the fillings done (which weren’t very close to gum areas that were sore which is why I originally went in) I haven’t felt anything.

However, that changed later tonight around four hours ago when the waves of pain came back and worse than ever on the upper slight ride side of my mouths’ gums, and then felt like it was spreading down into my one tooth in the span of minutes and my entire tooth has been nonstop hurting since (toothache). The pain was the worst that I’ve felt in years, and I found that I’ve been able to ease the pain by putting cold water in my mouth on the tooth. It completely dissipates the pain near instantly and it feels incredibly relieving, but it comes back after a minute and a half and I need more water to ease it again.

This has been going on for around four hours now, but the pain has finally gotten to a bearable level now to where I can focus on finding out what the hell it is.

I know that my gums must have been infected which is why I booked a dentist appointment ASAP. They took x-rays in the areas I talked about (upper slightly right, and also lower right) where my gums were painful but didn’t find anything, which was yesterday 12/8.

Now my tooth is very sensitive, and I feel like the infection from my periodically sore gums traveled into the pulp of my tooth. There was one point I could feel a vein that felt like was inside my tooth throbbing. It hurts to bite down, and not to mention the bottom of my tooth is worn down from a lifetime of me chewing my fingernails so it was already a little sensitive which could of caused this to happen aswell.

From a website I looked at, it also said that cold water relieving the pain is signs of a pulp infection too: https://www.drszarek.com/blog/cold-water-relieves-toothache/

To also help with this, I took a mirror and looked at the back of my painful tooth and it looks almost almost hollow inside of it which was very shocking. It’s hard to believe that the dentists wouldn’t see something like this, but something like it couldn’t of formed in the span of a night? Just to remind, I’ve never felt pain in this tooth before, it was in the area of the gums above it, but tonight in the span of a few hours it went to only tooth pain.

Here are pictures of that which I took, I know my teeth are yellow, I’ve been making an effort to brush twice a day and floss daily after years of inconsistent brushing: https://imgur.com/a/srCPlDd

I’ve been trying to fix my dental hygiene along with a bunch of other stuff lately and these problems started happening around the same time. (this gum pain also happened the day after I flossed my teeth for the first time in a while, and I was so thorough with not spreading bacteria or anything that I used a line of floss for each tooth)

I know this post is long, but I wanted to include as many details as I could to find out what this could be before I go try to go back to the dentist for a third time the day after tomorrow (I would go tomorrow, but it’s closed unfortunately)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it.


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