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A diagram of relations

is there any diagram relating the concept of commutative monoids, semi-groups, rings, fields, algebraic structures and other groups to graphs, trees or any form of representation?
One can use trees in case of semigroups or monoids as long as they are embeddable. Should I use directed or bidirected graphs?
Thank you for your help.


Yes, there is a theorem proven by Algebraic Geometry by Artin and Ullrich, which says:
“If $X$ is a scheme of finite type over a field $k$, then the category of $X$-schemes (or schemes over $X$) has all limits.”
(This is a functor $2\to Set$ whose fiber at a given point $x\in X$ is the category of $k$-algebras at $x$.) This implies that the category of commutative monoids, which is the category of commutative rings, which you list, has all limits. Therefore, graphs, trees, or anything would do.

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Push to Production and assign a TFS user

Is it possible to create a TFS user on a development machine and then push that user to production and use it for the team’s access to TFS. I believe the answer is no. However, can anyone confirm this.


Yes it is possible.
To add a user to TFS, you just need to navigate to the TFS project collection workspace and then click the “Properties” button at the top of the Team Explorer. After that, click the “Users” tab and click “Add User”.
However, I have found that that won’t work if you are using TFS PowerShell. I had to do the following to add the user in PowerShell:

Connect to TFS:

$tfsserver = read-host “Enter the TFS URL of your TFS Server”
$TFSServers = $tfsserver + “:” + $tfsserver + “/_tfs”
Write-Host $TFSServers
$Tfssession = New-TfsSession -Credential $cred
Connect-TfsServer -Credential $cred -Session $Tfssession

Add the user

New-TfsUser -Username “NewUserName” -Email “” -DisplayName “NewUserName” -IsShared -ReadOnly -Password $credential.Password -Type “VssAdministrator”

Delete the user

Remove-TfsUser -Username “NewUserName”

Convert an existing user to a TFS user

New-TfsUser -Username “OldUserName” -Email “” -DisplayName “OldUserName” -IsShared -ReadOnly -Password $credential.Password -Type “VssAdministrator”

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