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Quickly cutting parts of a video does not necessarily require a professional tool. Although it does not deliver the extensive functionality a full-featured editor does, an application such as Video Clip QuickTool can do its job just as good when it comes to clipping, rotating, flipping, or converting a video.
Cut sections you don't need out of your video
If simple is better in your case, then Video Clip QuickTool is a rather good choice. Its main feature is cutting videos to remove sections you don't need, such as the end credits or the trailers or advertisements at the start of the movie.
Its interface comprises all the features within a single window, where the preview area takes more than half.
Cutting a video shouldn't pose any difficulty at all, as all the controls as extremely intuitive. You just have to set the starting and the ending points on the bar (unfortunately, there are no boxes to enter starting or end times or frame numbers). As you do so, you will surely notice the preview area updates accordingly. Therefore, it is possible for you to take a look at the beginning and ending scenes to make sure frames you want to keep are not removed by mistake or lack of accuracy.
Change frame size, rotate, and flip videos captured with a phone
Video Clip QuickTool also enables you to customize the frame size of the resulting video and even comes with a frame cropping tool.
In addition to this, it comes with video rotation and flipping capabilities, which come in handy when processing videos that have been recorded using a mobile phone. Moreover, it enables you to set the rotation flag for mobile phone videos. With just a few clicks, you can configure Video Clip QuickTool to rotate or flip a video once, twice, or three times.
A simple way to cut, rotate and flip video clips
Video Clip QuickTool provides a quick and convenient manner to perform basic editing operations to your videos, especially those who you recorded using a phone. The range of formats it supports includes some of the most popular types of video files, and the list of output formats is even broader.









Video Clip QuickTool Crack+ Download [Win/Mac]

Use this software to cut sections of video.
Video editing software Video Clip QuickTool can batch cut sections of video and take clips out of videos. It offers a simple interface and real-time preview with fast access to your clips. QuickTimeline display to know where section starts and ends as you cut. It can cut the video clip from any point of the clip.
No special pre-downloading required – run the converter on your computer when you want to batch-cut several video files
Cutting sections from videos in batches
Cutting sections from a video is as simple as it gets with this software application. For that reason, it is extremely user-friendly. Once you start up Video Clip QuickTool, you can begin adding clips from within the same window. This will save you time and energy, as you won’t have to go through the conversion process twice or even more times.
Once you have saved the video, you can also go ahead and delete the sections you are not interested in, so you can keep your final output file relatively small.
View the video in different formats
The settings are always available
And wherever you go, the controls are always there. You can always access the various settings for video conversion and file management, and you can simply drag and drop the new files to the desired folder.
Preview the video before you start to cut it
You should note that the preview is provided for video clips, regardless of whether they are previewing or not. If a video is currently playing and it does not show any changes, then your edits will be applied to the section of the clip that will be displayed.
The application is available at a price of $19.99 on its official site, but you can get a discount if you opt for the trial version, which is available for $1.99.
User Comments
I’ve been playing with this for a few minutes, but its capabilities are not listed to be anywhere as good as the other programs that are coming up in this article. Therefore, I tried editing a video that was playing in the last Video Editing Software like Avidemux. Thankfully, I managed to make this one of the best alternatives. Please contact us to update our information.
The interface is often disappointing for beginners. While there are all the functionality you need in a video editor, the interface could use a rethink.
The interface has some interesting potential but in my experience, it’s often impossible to find what you want.
The interface reminds you of

Video Clip QuickTool Crack +

• Cut and compile videos
• Video rotation
• Video frames
• Video trimming
• Video conversion
• Video filters
• Video effects
• Change formats
• Video…

Video Clip QuickTool is a simple and full-featured video editor that enables you to cut, rotate, and trim video clips. There are even frame cropping and watermarking capabilities. With Video Clip QuickTool, you do not have to learn complex video editing tools, since it comes with an easy-to-use interface that has all the controls you need to do every video editing task as easy as pie.
Video Clip QuickTool is a powerful video editor app that allows you to easily crop and cut videos, rotate and flip videos, change video frame size, and apply video effects to your media file. With Video Clip QuickTool, it’s also easy to copy and paste video segments from one video clip to another.
Main features of Video Clip QuickTool
Cut, trim, resize, crop, convert, rotate, and flip your video
As its name suggests, Video Clip QuickTool is designed to be a video editor tool for cutting and compiling your media files.
Video Clip QuickTool is designed to be your video editor tool for cutting and compiling your media files.
You can use it to select a frame or an area from the video.
Resize, crop, rotate, change video frame, and add text to your media clips
Image viewer allowing you to preview media files
Start, stop, pause, and resume the playback of your video media files
Cut, trim, resize, crop, rotate, and flip video to your desired formats
Video Clip QuickTool Description:
• Cut and compile videos
• Video rotation
• Video frames
• Video trimming
• Video conversion
• Video filters
• Video effects
• Change formats
• Video…

The All-In-One Video Editor from Unitek is a powerful and simple video editor program that’s designed to help you cut, combine and otherwise manipulate videos in ways that are perhaps beyond the capability of more powerful video editor applications.
This one-click editor has all the functions you’d find in a complete video editor, but if you’ve used a video editor that does all those things and more, you’ll find Unitek’s app provides a surprisingly robust set of features.
The program is very easy to use and loads quickly, so you can have your video ready for web use in just minutes. You

Video Clip QuickTool Crack+

Video Clip QuickTool was created with the sole purpose of trimming videos for mobile phones and editing and encoding videos on Android devices. It enables you to quickly cut sections of videos without using any other tools.
Key features:
✔ Cut, crop and rotate video sections
✔ Video conversion
✔ Split a video into multiple segments
✔ Preview, play back and export video frames
✔ Play a video over the network
✔ Edit, cut, crop and rotate videos
✔ Convert videos and clips to MP4
✔ Cut videos from any track in any video file
✔ Rotate videos at any angle, flip or combine videos
✔ Create HD videos with animated backgrounds
✔ Video editing, video conversion, split and combine video files
✔ Frame extraction from video clips
✔ Export video clips as MP4, MOV, AVI, JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, MP3
✔ Add music clips to your video files
✔ Create video from 3GP, M4V, MKV, WMV, ASF, FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MTS, MPG
✔ Split video, merge video clips
✔ Embed 3GP, MP4 video files
✔ Merge multiple video files
✔ Split and combine files
✔ Search videos and download videos
✔ Extract frames from AVI, MPG, MPG, AVI, MOV, MKV, VOB, JPG, MP3, FLV and other formats

Edit Video Fast PC is a powerful video editing program to edit video. It can cut, crop, trim, merge and join many kinds of video files, even video from different formats such as MPEG, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, etc. The high performance video editor can edit video on the timeline, which is organized a few frames at a time, and then edit one clip at a time. The big-toothed video editor can add video effect and text overlay to the video. The big-toothed video editor also can add music clips, photos, effects and transition to the edited video.
Edit Video Fast PC Features:
1. Combine multiple video clips into one
2. Cut and crop video files
3. Trim video files
4. Rotate video and adjust the size
5. Merge video files
6. Add photo or music to video
7. Change video preview image to

What’s New In?

Cut sections you don’t need out of your video
The most important thing for people to remember when editing videos using a phone are those that go by the name of smartphone videos. Video Clip QuickTool, a video editing application from Xilisoft, will come in handy whenever you want to video edit your smartphone movies. Its interface is really simple and lets you do a lot of simple editing functions like cutting or splitting a video.

You can combine mobile phone videos with your iPhone if you need to up your video editing skills.

Rotate, flip and crop phone camera videos with ease
Edit your videos with this easy to use iPhone video editing application. Want to crop a video to make it look more focused on a specific scene? Or maybe you want to change the resolution of the video? Video Clip QuickTool is the video editor you need to get to your iPhone. Simply drag any section of a video to remove it, and then apply another one to replace it. It supports over 100 different video formats including the popular MP4 and MOV.

Video Clip QuickTool Description:

Cut sections you don’t need out of your video
If you are looking for a video editor application to help you quickly edit your iPhone videos, then there are a few great applications you can use to do just that. Video Clip QuickTool will help you make a video out of any short clips you have on your phone. Video Clip QuickTool doesn’t require a lot of features to work. You will be able to remove portions of a video by trimming them before moving to the next one, and then combine multiple videos to produce a new one. You will be able to achieve everything you need using Video Clip QuickTool.

Rotate, flip, and crop phone camera videos with ease
It is really easy to use Video Clip QuickTool to convert mobile phone videos to the popular MP4 format. You will be able to combine multiple video sources to make a single video in minutes. Video Clip QuickTool is a very helpful app for video editing and conversion. All you need to do is drag any clip from the video to set the starting point, which will be the first frame in the final cut. And then, drag it to the end, which will be the last frame in the final cut. You can customize every aspect of the video using Video Clip QuickTool.

Video Clip QuickTool Description:

Cut sections you don’t need out of your video

If you are looking for a video editor

System Requirements For Video Clip QuickTool:

Minimum Requirements:
Operating System:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 3.0 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM required
RAM: 2 GB RAM recommended
Hard Disk: 300 MB free space required
Video Memory: 256 MB required
Input Devices: Keyboard, Mouse
Recommended Requirements:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows

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