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VB.net Shoutcast Server (2022)

A vb.net source code project that works great in vb.net.
VB.net Shoutcast Server Features:
A project designed for streaming mp3s/oggs from windows.
A vb.net bass library, including source code.
A vb.net bass library, including bass dll’s (html, vb and exe)
A shoutcast program that ties into the Shoutcast dll and enforces it’s version/confguration.
If you are having trouble you can always email me at:
VB.net Shoutcast Server Downloads:
Download your bass dll’s and download the lastest shoutcast exe from my site (exe’s are linked from here), also the source code is available.
VB.net Shoutcast Server System Requirements:
Windows XP or Windows 2000 Professional or higher.
25 MB of free hard drive space.
A network connection.
Embedded Visual Studio is not required but a VB.Net progect is required.
VB.net Shoutcast Server Installation:
To install the project on your windows xp system you must have a.net 2003 sdk or vb.net 2003 project installed. To install vb.net 2003 you can download it for free here. Install it by clicking on the.exe for the project.
The project is easy to install, all you need to do is copy it to a location of your choice.
If you don’t have a vb.net 2003 project installed already you can download that from here:

Its possible to build and compile the project under windows xp, but it wont work unless you install.net 3.0. Its not recommended.
Vb.net Shoutcast Server Running in Live Mode:
You must copy the exe’s and bass dll’s to a network location of your choice to run the project in live mode.
VB.net Shoutcast Server Input Files:
Shoutcast Server only requires an input file, which is the file you wish to use as a stream.
There are 2 types of input files available, and a config file is needed to run it.

VB.net Shoutcast Server Crack +

VB.net Shoutcast Server Full Crack is a console application that offers a simplified interface to the shoutcast protocol. It can be configured to host streams on a remote shoutcast server and stream audio to any number of clients on the network or connected to the local computer.

VB.net Shoutcast Server Torrent Download Features:

– Supports streams with metadata provided by Shoutcast servers
– Supports live streaming, where the server can serve an initial stream and other servers can add themselves to a group and receive a second stream with their own metadata
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VB.net Shoutcast Server Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) [Win/Mac]

VB.net Shoutcast Server creates a streamed mp3 audio server for your windows based PC or TV or other connected devices.

Using VB.Net

Uses the MediaOpus library under the hood

Source Files Included

Shoutcast dll vb.net file, Bass libraries, Source code (VB6)

Where to Learn More

The source code is included in the zip file that you can unzip by right clicking on it and selecting open with.
Because of the specific nature of what this project does, there will not be any instructional documentation.
Feel free to browse my source code on how I implemented it, but you are not allowed to modify it. So please respect that.

Vb.net Shoutcast Server v2.0.5 DLL Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003

Visual Studio 2005 or greater

Visual Studio Tools for the Web, v4.0 SP1 or greater

Net Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater

Windows Media Player Version 11.1 or greater

Double clicking VB.net Shoutcast Server 2.0.5



1.wav 2.ogg and 3.mp3 audio files in the ‘audio’ directory (and no other)

Our aim was to make this project as easy to set up as possible.

Once you have downloaded and installed the project, just double click on VB.net Shoutcast Server. The project will run, and as the windows forms get loaded the program will ask you questions to help you set the options of the server. You need to fill out the following steps:

By default the input volume will be set to 48, and the bitrate will be set at 64kbps.

You can change the StreamType to UDP or TCP. Most likely you’ll want to use UDP. The StreamPort is by default set to 45200.

To change the window’s orientation setting, you have to change the class name of the main form’s SetWindowOrientation function.

Next, you have to choose where the server will be run, and then you can begin streaming. The default stream type is Ogg Vorbis. You can change this using the ‘StreamType’ option.

Here are the settings you have to fill out so the program works:

Stream Port: 45200

What’s New In?

It gives you a simple vb.net project with shoutcast support, but is nothing more than a variation of the shoutcast protocol.
Source code is included in the download to help you port it to your own project.
Basic Usage
Open your project, edit the web service (.asmx) file to configure your streams (if they are not streaming as of now)
Upload the web service (e.g. to your webserver (i.e
Open your streamer (e.g.
And that should be it.
For more detailed help, just ask…
Downloadable Audio File:


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System Requirements For VB.net Shoutcast Server:

Windows 7/8/10
.NET Framework 4.0
64-bit CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
If you can’t find these for sale anywhere, please use our setup guide to install these mods:
System Requirements:
* Mod is meant to be used with


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