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UPX IT is an intuitive and quite helpful piece of software functioning as a GUI for the popular UPX, which is a command line program for compressing and decompressing various files, such as EXE, DOS or DLL.
This simple utility features a basic and rather unimpressive interface, but it manages to serve its purpose successfully, sparing you from having to resort to CMD arguments and complicated syntax. UPX IT only supports EXE and DLL formats, so if you need to process other types of files, this tool will not be able to help you.
After launching UPX IT, you can load a file the old fashion way, by browsing for it through your computer, or you can just drop it onto its main window. Additionally, through drag and drop, you can use the batch mode (without activating it from the dedicated menu), which allows you to process multiple files at the same time.
Following the input the source file, you can choose the compression method from the dedicated menu, with options like 'Normal', 'Best', 'Brute' or 'Ultra Brute', each requiring a gradually increasing amount of time in order to complete the operation.
Finally, you can select the process you wish to perform, either 'Compress' or 'Decompress', by pressing on the corresponding button. Of course, the operation still takes place through CMD, but you no longer have to deal with it in any way, and you will only see the window for a fraction of a second.
To conclude, UPX IT is a useful and reliable application that can assist you in compressing as well as decompressing executable or DLL files using a simple graphical user interface as a means of sparing you from the effort of trying to figure out how to work with UPX in its command line interface.







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Easy to use
Supports easy compression and decompression
Simple UI design
Handles batch


Windows XP icons

.zip files

.msi files

Composites, such as.msm and.emf files



compresses and decompresses.exe,.dll,.obj,.ocx,.cab,.msi,.emf,.msm,.vsi,.ico,.aux.

Compresses different types of files: text, other files, binary files (.exe,.dll,.dll,.dll,.dll,.dll,.dll,.obj,.dll,.ocx,.ocx,.ocx,.ocx,.cab,.msi,.msi,.vsi,.ico,.aux)

Works well with UPX
The utility requires no maintenance, extra installation or setup, just to decompress a file.

Without a good compression technique, you will run a real risk of losing valuable data in the process. That’s why you will need to know the basics of compression in order to successfully compress your files.

The method used to compress a given file determines its compression ratio. For this reason, it is important to know the most common techniques used by your desired software, in order to be able to effectively compress a file of a given type. This is particularly important for media/movies, pictures, text documents, archives, and even games.

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UPX IT License Code & Keygen Download

Have you ever looked at a file you have created, but for some reason, it seemed to be much larger than it should be? It could be that you wrote a program that was meant to be used with Microsoft Visual C++ and forgot to set the file extension to be the type that Microsoft Visual C++, (as opposed to some other type, such as.EXE or.dll), which caused the file to be interpreted as something other than an executable file, and opened it as an archive instead. Perhaps the file had a BOM or header information, which you didn’t know that was there and could have easily been removed in order to save a little memory. Whatever the reason, in any case, you may be asking yourself, “What can be done? I have lost a lot of time on this file, and want it compressed! How can I do this?”
The answer is simple and easy, you can use UPX. Its main purpose is to compress a file, without losing any information that may be stored in it. So, you may ask yourself, what is UPX. It is an “unpacker”, which has several features that make it a good choice for compressing a wide variety of file types.
UPX will take a file, remove any header information, such as a BOM, DOK, or header (Hexadecimal) information, and then compress the file, and store the information in a new file, making it smaller and speeding up the processing.
UPX is an excellent program, because it allows you to browse through your file with the mouse, so as to select files you wish to process. It has a user friendly interface with many options.
UPX has several features that we will discuss here, so that you can see for yourself how it can assist you in compressing and decompressing different file types.
UPX has almost 25 compression options and 5 decompression options, making it possible to make those files more compact, and reducing the processing time to a minimum. You can see the list of all compress and decompress options on the UPX MAN page.
These compression options include one through seven compression settings.
1. Normal compression
2. Best compression
3. Brute force
4. Ultra Brute
5. Slower (slower = more compression)
6. Faster (faster = less compression)
7. Ultra fast
You may think, that you don’t have time to use all of

UPX IT [Latest]

UPX IT is a free utility made by the author of UPX. It enables users to compress as well as decompress files through the graphical user interface. Upx It enables to compress the following formats:.EXE,.CAB,.DLL,.SYS,.COM,.CHM,.MSI,.PIF and.SCR. Upx It also enables to decompress the following formats:.ZIP,.EML,.PAB and.MZ.
Now, you can download UPX IT here:
– Downloads –

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What’s New in the?

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UPX is a popular and free application for processing.exe files, it is relatively easy to use and can work fast. At the same time, it is packed with powerful features and is also available for home use. The command line interface is a sophisticated one with a large number of features that will satisfy the needs of any user.
The first thing you should do when installing the tool is to put the application in C:\Program Files\UPX. This location is not usually stored on your computer, so when you run the program for the first time it will be easily located there. This will allow you to go straight to its main window.
After that, it’s time to add the.exe file you want to compress. UPX will prompt you to open it right away using the Open File (press the Open button). After that, you can proceed to the next step by hitting the Add button.
As soon as you add the file, the main window will ask you to choose the compression method. UPX has a large number of options, and you’ll need to understand the full range of them in order to efficiently work with the program.
The normal method is probably the most comfortable for most of you. It allows you to accelerate your work and save up to 10%, while the fast (and risky) method seems to compress at 200% faster than the normal one. If you are aiming for maximum compression, however, you should use the “Ultra Brute” option.
Once you’ve decided the compression method you want to use, it’s time to choose the output extension. This step is also quite important, especially if you want to use UPX in the future. By default, it will save the file with the extension EXE, so you can just hit OK without a single concern. However, if you want to use it for other purposes you can choose any desired extension. This makes it possible to keep the extension EXE for Windows and, for example, use the name.bat for Apple users.
Finally, you should go through the archive’s properties, where you can change the file’s title, comment (a short description that will appear alongside the file in the Explorer’s context menu), archive version and date.
To compress a.exe file you only need to change the file’s comment, uncheck the checkbox “Compress file” and hit Ok.
To decompress a

System Requirements:

– Intel® Core™ i5
– 8 GB RAM
– NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050
Supported OS:
Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10
Mac OS X 10.8 or newer
Linux Kernal 3.x
Minimum 256 MB video memory
See screen shots.
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