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Hello. I’m getting oral surgery on a botched root canal from about a decade ago. Front tooth (dont know the exact name, but it’s the immediate left of the very front two teeth). I believe the surgery is called apecectomy? Something like that. It was a tooth infection in the root and I hope to god once it’s removed, it won’t come back, I don’t want to have a tooth pulled. My first question regarding that is, when they cut open my gum at the top to remove the cyst. Will there be a lot of bleeding after? I remember getting my wisdom tooth taken out and the taste of blood was plain gross and couldn’t swallow my spit for 2 days. They’re going to across my gum line right behind my top upper lip (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about).

Secondly, I have a pretty bad cavity on the back upper tooth, again, dunno the name, but it’s on the left of my face, upper second to last. I’d like to say maybe 70% of the tooth is still there with bad chips on the side. My oral surgeon said they don’t have to pull the tooth out, it would simply be a root canal and extensive trimming then probably a few big posts and a crown. However, a dentist I initially was going to do the procedure with, said he has to pull it. Because it’s “below the gum line”, or something along those lines. That same dentist said my front tooth has to be pulled, and yet another tooth in the back with an infection (poor root canal), has to also be pulled. But my oral surgeon says none of my teeth need to be removed. So my second question is this, just how bad does a tooth need to have a cavity before it has to absolutely come out?

This is precisely why dentists get a bad flak, I’m sorry for you honest dentists. And I put more confidence in an oral surgeon than a cosmetic/general dentist. The gen. Dentist is private practice, where the oral surgeon is at a hospital (less greedy maybe? I dunno).

I’d appreciate the help 🙂

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