TunesKit IPhone Data Recovery For Windows Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) For Windows [Updated] 2022

Recovering data from iOS can be a really simple process if you use the right tool. While Apple own platforms are a burden to recover from, dedicated software for easy recovery started to pop up. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is one of the tools out there that can help with your iOS lost files.
Intuitive and modern-looking interface
The application sports a clean interface that requires you to connect your device. After you connect your device, the GUI instantly change and displays the device's detail along with a list of data that can be recovered.
Furthermore, the program lets you use iTunes and iCloud as recovery environments if the device level scan is unsuccessful. These categories can be found on the upper part of the interface, under suggestive icons.
Scan and preview your data
After the device was identified, you can proceed to scan for your deleted data. The time reserved for the scanning process is directly proportional with the number of files stored on your phone. When the scanning is done, all items found are sent to their specific categories to facilitate selective recovery.
To start recovery, simply check the boxes near the file's thumbnails, select the destinations folder and click Recover. All the data will be stored on you system in no time.
Recovering from iTunes and iCloud
In case of physical or technical damage, you can recover your data through iTunes, if you have backup your files there. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup" mode from the main interface and the software will begin detecting all iTunes backup files stored on your computer.
Same goes for iCloud, once logged in, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery will begin to locate all backups from your iCloud account. Select the one that contains the lost data and click "Download." From the new pop-up, selectively choose the file types you need to recover and then hit the "Next" button to download those files.
In conclusion,
TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is a handy application that helps you recover deleted or lost data from your iOS device. Any user can safely operate it at it does not require technical skills or professional knowledge, just connect your iPhone, scan and recover.









TunesKit IPhone Data Recovery For Windows [Mac/Win] [Updated]

The program allows to fully recover all the original data from the iPhone or iPad even if it was previously formatted. It provides you with the ability to restore deleted or lost data from the Safari bookmarks, images, videos, music, applications, messages, notes, books, calendars, call logs, documents, photos, contacts, and WhatsApp history all of which can be recovered with just a click. It is very easy to use; just connect your iPhone to a computer and click on the Start button and begin a safe scan for your data. It will detect all information stored on the iPhone or iPad including contacts, SMS, notes, contacts, calendars, audio, video, and pictures and backs them all up to you computer. It has a built-in feature that allows you to recover lost or deleted applications from the iPhone/iPad, and it is able to get all installed apps data back to you. You can securely scan and backup messages from your iPhone and iPad, contacts, notes, iPhone call logs, and contact lists. It is highly advanced as it can fully restore data and data missing from your iPhone/iPad, including text messages, call records, calendar appointments, images, videos, music, gallery, notes, contacts, WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp conversations, WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp calls, and more. It works with all iCloud-based devices on Apple devices and also can restore data from iTunes backups for iPhone and iPad.
– Extracts all the lost or deleted data, from several categories including SMS, WhatsApp, Notes, Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendars, Safari, Videos, Mails, Audio, Photos, Notes, and other files from a single iPhone/iPad
– Is simple and easy to use and will allow you to scan and restore your iPhone/iPad in the first place
– Equipped with a user-friendly user interface
– Will create a backup file for your iPhone/iPad from which you can retrieve the backup on the computer anytime you want
– Supports iOS devices from 8 to 11
– Can properly recover lost data from the iPhone/iPad camera roll, photos, contacts, calendars, notes, messages, videos, audio, video, music, web history, WhatsApp history, conversations, calls, WhatsApp messages
– Works with iTunes and iCloud backups
– Works with all device models from Apple, including iPhone, iPad, and all generations

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery is a handy program that can easily recover your iOS device data from iTunes backups. It

TunesKit IPhone Data Recovery For Windows Download

Recover data from iOS devices
Back up songs, videos, photos, contacts, call history, notes & more
Recover from iTunes backup and iCloud
Preview your recovered files
Download selectively your files
iTunes File Sharing – Streaming iTunes libraries to other PCs Using iTunes File Sharing, you can stream or synchronize your iTunes playlists or entire libraries of music and videos from an iTunes-compatible PC to an iOS device. Configure and control your iOS device over the network, all with the flexibility and convenience of your Windows-based computer.
Setting up iTunes File Sharing:
Use the Settings window in iTunes to make and edit accounts and permissions.
Open the iTunes window on your desktop computer.
Select File > Account Settings.
Set up an account.
Set it up as a Manager.
Change the permissions to Allow for a single user, Allow for multiple users, or Allow for everyone.
Click Advanced Settings.
Click Browse.
Enter the IP address of your iOS device.
Note: If you need to share more than one computer’s iTunes libraries, use the IP addresses of the computers.
Connect your iOS device to the network.
Click Share from the Source List in the iTunes sidebar.
Select the check box next to Connect to iTunes File Sharing.
Click OK.
Open the iTunes window on your iOS device.
Select File > Shared.
Pick the source and destination computers to synchronize.
In the Shared window that appears, click the Sync icon to begin synchronizing content.
Sharing iTunes libraries:
You can use iTunes File Sharing to easily share your iTunes libraries of music and videos.
When you want to share your iTunes libraries, first select the shared library name from the iTunes Source list.
Download the iTunes libraries on a Windows-based computer.
Open iTunes on the Windows-based computer.
Select the iTunes library to share on the Shared dialog.
Click the Share button.
In the dialog that appears, select the destination computer and click OK.
You can use iTunes File Sharing to stream your iTunes libraries to other PCs running iTunes.
iTunes Remote Control:
Stream your iTunes libraries to your iOS device using a USB cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the iTunes Remote Control app. You can use the app to stream all your iTunes libraries to a single iOS device, or to multiple iOS devices.
Turning on the iOS device:
Select Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings and then tap Reset. Tap

TunesKit IPhone Data Recovery For Windows (LifeTime) Activation Code For Windows

TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is the best iPhone data recovery software for Windows. It provides a powerful and easy solution for iPhone users to retrieve lost or deleted data from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.
How to recover data from iPhone with TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows:
1. Launch TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows and click “Connect to iTunes”.
2. Select iPhone from the Device drop-down menu and then connect your iPhone.
3. Scan iPhone for data in “iOS Recovered” section.
4. Select “iOS Data Recovery” if there are data being found. And then select the backup (in the form of iTunes backup or iCloud backup) to be downloaded if you want to recover deleted text messages and media.
5. Click “Next” to recover data from iTunes or iCloud.
TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows Key Features:
1. Support iOS 11.x to iOS 12.3.2.
2. Support iPhone Data Recovery from iTunes backups and iCloud backups.
3. Search and preview all iOS data at once.
4. Powerful and easy-to-use interface
5. TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is available for free to recover files for 15 days without registration.
TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows Recommended:
1. You need a Windows PC with iTunes installed to successfully recover iPhone data.
2. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch models are compatible with TunesKit.
3. 1GB of free space on your hard drive is required for a successful recovery.
4. Apple’s iOS 11.x to iOS 12.3.2 are supported.
5. The program supports iPhone 7/7+, iPhone 6s/6s+/6s++, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s/4, iPhone 4, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3g/2g/1g, iPad 1, iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad and iPod touch.
6. If you have a Windows laptop, you can transfer all your data from your iPhone to your laptop and then use TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows to recover all your lost files.
Purchase TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows from Amazon:
TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is a powerful tool that can help you recover deleted and lost data from your iPhone. It allows you to connect

What’s New In?

Packed with useful features, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery for Windows is specially designed to help users recover lost data from iOS phones. Its user-friendly interface ensures that it can be easily operated by any user. It is equipped with a wide range of features to provide the highest level of data recovery. You can easily access all major backup files such as iTunes backup, iCloud backup, and iPhone backup.
Scan & preview with previews & thumbnails
This program gives you the unique opportunity to preview what you have to recover. Not only does it allow you to preview the files, but it also allows you to view the original file type. This makes it easier for you to recover your data.
User-friendly GUI
This program is designed with a clean, simple interface. You don’t need any sort of technical knowledge in order to use it. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer and click the “Start” button. This is going to take a few seconds to scan and recover your data.
Recover from iTunes & iCloud backups
This program makes it easy to recover your lost data from backup devices. All you have to do is select the backup device type you want to recover from. After that, you will be able to select the type of backup file. After selecting the file, you can preview and select the files that contain the data you want to recover.
#3: iExplorer
iExplorer is a tool you can use to recover deleted files from your iPhone or other Android devices. It is also an iDevice management tool that lets you retrieve deleted and lost files from your iOS device. Recover deleted contacts, SMS, photos, videos, and documents from your iOS device by connecting your iDevice to your PC. The Windows application helps you complete your lost data recovery project quickly and securely. iExplorer is the best alternative to having Apple or a third-party iOS data recovery application in your case.
How to recover lost data:
1. After installing iExplorer, disconnect your device from your PC.
2. Place your iPhone or tablet into your USB cable.
3. Connect your iPhone to the computer and iExplorer will launch automatically. The application will find your iPhone, prompt you to select the destination, and then scan the device.
4. iExplorer will show you the content found on the device.
iExplorer can be easily accessed from the Start page on your Windows taskbar. While the program has an intuitive and easy-

System Requirements For TunesKit IPhone Data Recovery For Windows:

• Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 (64-bit), or Windows® 10 (64-bit)
• 2GB free hard-disk space
•.NET Framework 4.0
• DirectX
• WDDM 1.0
• WDDM 1.2
•.NET 2.0 or 3.5
• 2D Graphics Card
• Video Output Card (VGA or higher)

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