Toxavit for nerve killing in my tooth for too long : Dentistry


A month ago my dentist gave me a Toxavit (found on the internet that Depulpin is very similar to it) to kill my nerve. I had to get it out after 2 weeks but due to the coronavirus pandemic, my dentist canceled it and later I couldn’t reach her on her phone.

I had to travel in another city and after 3 weeks due to the coronavirus government announced quarantine. Now I’ stuck here on an island and dentists here won’t admit me since they say it is not urgent. But my gingiva has swollen now around that tooth and I can feel a taste of Toxavit.

Also I read that it shouldn’t be in the tooth for longer than 1 month because my mandibula can start necrosing. How dangerous is it really and is there I way I can ge it out on my own?

Dentists here says via telephone to me that it can stay in my tooth for 3 or more months but I’m scared


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