Tooth extraction prior to braces?

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I really hope this is the right sub for this question, but here goes: I had a consultation today for braces and was told my overbite would look the same at the end of treatment and that it couldn’t be fixed (10mm overjet). He did mention that top teeth could be extracted to make more room for the crowded front teeth. When reading up on this, I found this quote from an oral surgeon:

“PLEASE do NOT extract upper teeth and retract your upper teeth to match your lower teeth; you will be extremely unhappy with the results because your smile will be narrow, your nose will get bigger, your upper lip will get smaller and your TMJ and airway could both be extremely compromised.”

I’ve been told in the past by several dentists that my mouth is too small for the amount of teeth I have. Even today, they had to use the kids tools to stretch my lips for pics because they said my mouth was too small to fit the adult ones in. So to me, this method makes sense to me but I don’t want to do anything reckless and end up worse off than when I started.

Is this a valid concern and if so, would a second opinion be better in this case from another ortho or an oral surgeon?

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