Thomas And Friends Trainz 12

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Thomas And Friends Trainz 12


I came across a really cool sight.

I was not able to find any information on the collection, just a lot of really nice stuff. It’s also really great to find it in real life.


You can find a Thomas world map at
In addition, there is also a Thomas world map (instructions on how to use it):

Although it includes all of THOMAS world, you can zoom out to find all of
the coalpits and remove certain regions from it, such as North Africa,
Australia and Antartica. You can enable/disable it in the Configure
option under the Map menu.
If you click on a region and choose “Show in World” you can zoom into
that area on the world map.

Where Thomas world can be found:

Region/area to Zoom into

Siam (Thailand)
East Asia
North America
North Africa
Middle East
South America
South Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
North Europe
West Europe
South America
South Asia
East Asia
Middle East
Central America
Central and South America
The Caribbean
United States

Note: If you had added the world map to your site, it will show all the areas, so no need to add any regions.
Good luck!


Character Encoding in.Net MVC

Having a hard time with character encoding in MVC. I have a model that is coming in from a rest call. The server sends back characters like “ñ” and “Ñ” but on the model it shows a question mark and a plus. I’m using the following function to encode the characters but I’m not sure if it’s correct.
public static string EscapeCharacters(string value)
return Regex.Replace(value, @”\W”, “”);

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong, what encoding do I need to look at?


By default, String.ToString() uses the current thread culture for the CurrentCulture property. Using that property and the InvariantCulture property, I can create this


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Returning non-numeric values

I’m working on a website in which theres a text field that accepts a price.
I have a price_greater_than function to accept only numeric values, but I don’t know how to say “if price is not numeric, return a value with say 13 characters”.
How can I use PHP to do this?
Thanks in advance.


Use is_numeric:
$a_test = “A string, or a float.”;



if (is_numeric($var)) {


Tests if the given string is numeric in the traditional sense of the word.


I think you can do it with parse_str():
$price = $_GET[‘price’];
if (is_numeric($price)) {
$price = (float) $price;
$price = (int) $price;
parse_str($price, $arr);

Now you have $arr[‘price’], but if you don’t want to use it just use number_format($price, 5, ‘.’, ”); or number_format($price, 13,”, ‘.’);


Mensaje “No se reconoce la función format” a la hora de decir, “Had a nice day”

He escuchado muchas veces en televisión, radio y otros medios de comunicación este mensaje

No se reconoce la función format

En cuanto a como la debo formatear, se me ocurre decir, “Had a nice day”.
¿Sería necesario decirlo con las y símbolos antes de “Had a nice day”?. Por ejemplo:
No se

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