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Enjoy unlimited flying from November 2012!Aerofly FS 1 is not only the perfect simulator for all beginners. Skilful pilots will be in their element in this flying game, even on their first flight. Get in touch with the ambient environment and the different flight characteristics of the aircraft.With Aerofly FS 1, you can fly a variety of aircraft from radio-controlled helicopters and gliders to twin-engine airliners. Whether you want to get to know the plane or to practice your flying skills, Aerofly FS 1 is ideal for you.
Professional Pilots:
Pilot’s Score:
Aerofly FS 1 requires no training time for the most important flight characteristics like the starting and landing gears, flaps, spoilers, stabilators and the like. All these, as well as engine, flap and thrust settings, are found in the Flight Parameters part of the Menu or in flight.
Flight Direction:
Aerofly FS 1 is set up so that flying in the right direction is easy. The blue bar on the horizon indicates the direction of the wind. When flying in the direction of the wind, the nose of the aircraft will point into the direction of the wind. Aerofly FS 1 provides its rudder and differential thrust control such that you can effectively use these two skills.
Flight Dynamics:
The realistic flight dynamics of Aerofly FS 1 can be seen in the air movement effects. The flight dynamics make it possible for the aircraft to move smoothly in the direction of the wind. Aerofly FS 1 also features Runway Grips, an innovative method of simulating the effect of the ground on the aircraft. When you are about to land, you will be able to see the landing area on your screen, as well as the vehicles and terrain in the foreground, while the plane is high up in the sky.
Aerofly FS 1 features an advanced stability system with a 3D visual feedback system. When you fly in unstable wind conditions, the aircraft will temporarily lose its stability, using its collective to counter the effect of the wind. A greater distance from the aircraft with the attitude indicator as well as the display of the wind funnel and airflow speed will make you better understand how the aircraft is behaving.
Aerofly FS 1 also features a high-performance aerobatics system which is based on the SBF, the most widely used aerobatics model in SimBinFlight. The Aer


Features Key:

  • Unlocken: 10 levels with 29 achievements
  • Easy-to-beat, yet challenging!
  • Short loading times
  • Clear and colorful graphics
  • Decade of endless loading!
  • Can be played with Joystick & Keyboard
  • No mouse-over-to-interact-with elements!
  • Free full version
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Share in-game statistics
  • Simple one-touch-play!


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Based on the comic book series of the same name, DC Comics’ World’s Finest Newspaper comic, created by Paul Kupperberg and Joe Kupperberg.The two B-29-44 Superfortress bombers and the crew are transported by time-traveler Franklin Richards to an alternate reality where Superman’s alter-ego, The Man of Steel, has been extinct for the last fifty years. Superman’s mission is to collect 17 Mighty Crushers, which are an item that belongs to a time-lost civilization. With the assistance of his friends, Batman and Robin, they must fight through a horde of mindless giant robots, insane mad scientists, and hordes of human invaders. Superman must complete his mission, and return home to his family and friends. Features:
Storyline – The Man of Steel’s quest to stop the forces of evil, while attempting to return to his home world
Classic, First-Person Shooter Arcade Combat
Action-Packed Missions
Expertly modeled vehicles, turrets and adversaries
Multiple craftable characters
Smart, Solid AI
Full Replayability
Updated Character Models, Environment and Effects
Visual Improvements All-around

Serbia is really hitting it off with foreign investors and promises the country will give foreign companies the same tax advantages its giving to foreign companies investing in its own economy. The latest contribution is wine, a fermented product that may be worth a fortune in eastern Europe, mostly because this is the first time anyone with any vineyards in south eastern Europe has to try and make a living. This increase in taxes was the reason the takeover of non-traded companies by the state was stopped in 2006, but most economists argue there is another reason, which is that real estate prices shot up. Serbia made an agreement with the European Union in 2000, that allowed it to open itself up to foreign companies. It also set up a Property Ombudsman to oversee tax and land use disputes. Serbia’s large corporate companies are controlled by private shareholders, and state-owned companies are mostly core state firms and utilities.

Lockheed Martin is using the first “loan” of a relatively inexpensive stealth technology to be used by the Air Force to double the size of its fleet of F-22 Raptors. The company and its partners made the jump from the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter to the F-22 stealth fighter, and then successfully developed the F-35. The new loaned stealth technology comes from the U.S. Air Force’s


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Game is based on classic dungeon crawlers. The game play is similar to games such as Diablo and Gauntlet. This game is different as it is not a character specific game. Instead the game is character specific and each players are restricted to one survivor.
This game was created because it is relatively difficult to find quality indie games that play on android. Out of all the indies on google play store, none of them are truly considered “hardcore” or “masculine” games.
That being said find more about this game at the following link

90.1% player base on tilt based on last 9 days. Most casual players are killed within the first 40 minutes.
Game “TimeToDie” is a game made by a normal person who loves to play games and decided to have a little fun and make a game that he can have a lot of fun playing on his breaks so it can be hard to win and rely on items and abilities built from the game.
Like, comment and favorite this game and if you enjoy the game then please consider liking the creator’s channel.
Main Website:


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This game here has been owned by me for about 2 or 3 years in its current state. It is a early Alpha version and there are a lot of problems. This game has been taken very seriously.
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Visit us at:
Vote! this is what democracy looks like.
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What’s new in The Chosen Warriors:


Lizard’s rating

The glowheads in this file come in three sizes. Lizard learned them from a fellow Xerophile that was preparing his adult glowhead and while Lizard wasn’t the most patient person he was certainly patient.

So far Lizard has heard of a few guys in the US that have sent these over to the seller and luckily he found a UK seller who got some ordered from China. They are very simple. They have two electrical insulators that hold the glow filament, one for heat and the other for light. The length between the two is 22mm if I didn’t remove the plastic skirt that comes down over the end. Both glowfilaments come out of one side of the head. To test them, Lizard took out the plastic skirt and added two more glowheads to the mix. The light between the two brighter glowheads was almost as bright as the head itself. In a few years maybe Lizards will be building some glowheads that are 18mm long to see how long before a longer filament will crack. It’ll save money, time, effort and die rubbing or other issues between the two.

Other than that each glowhead comes in a sturdy plastic container with the base sealed. The whole assembly is 30g and the stupid glitter looks nice in the transperent container.

Lizard assembled the Chinese glowheads in his box and end of the circuit and was trying to figure out how to get this coded. He suspects these are originally part of an arc neon. He stripped the end cap out and found the end of the fluorosis. Although this makes him happy, the parts are so cheap he’ll be replacing them before this wears out much.

Also, Lizard designed a new circuit with some suggestions coming from experts in the geek group. The new design seems to have more illumination with far less power. Based on a few things LM added into the design there seems to be a major issue with the filament shorts. The primary concern, the post that is supposed to light up the filament. Not being EE but having a physics background, Lizard was pretty confused about why so much heat ended up in the post. Lizard suspect there is a vapor locking issue that happens at high heats but the only thing that seemed to have any measurable change in temperature that leads to checking this phenomena is the DSO. Lizard does not believe this will be an issue with the newer foundry products. If this isn’t resolved in the


Free The Chosen Warriors

Rust is a team-based shooter where you and your friends will need to work together to survive the hostile environment and beat back the waves of zombies.
Want to get more information about this and other cool games?
Go to

Comments and Reviews

March 6, 2015

Amazing Value

Sometimes, a game can go completely under the radar. It can be very hard to even find out much about it until it’s actually released and the hype gets going. I found that Rust was one of those games and I was very happy when it finally came out. The game itself is fairly self-explanatory as to what it is: Zombies. You control a team of 5 people with a goal of simply surviving as long as you can. However, you must fight off the zombies from your base along the way. It’s very simple and fun game, however, it can get quite addicting. The game is very easy to pick up and play, however, having different team sizes gives it a whole different feel. It’s a whole different experience for each scenario that you play through and I found that it really kept me entertained for hours at a time.
The game is incredibly easy to set up, easy to play, and fairly quick. You can play with friends locally, online, or even leave your team behind for a solo experience.
If you are at all interested in the game, I urge you to buy it. You can find it for $15 on steam, or $20 on your PC (As of this posting). You won’t regret your purchase.

March 9, 2015



*cry face*

I love the concept, the main game idea behind it, what it could be.
Unfortunately I did not like the gameplay at all. It was so unintuitive I would just get stuck. I kinda suck at games like this, and to be honest I do like survival games, but I also like games where you just have to learn how to get through it, and that’s just not this.
I wish I would have played more of it, I just really love the concept.

March 13, 2015


Beat your friends on local multiplayer!

Great game! Not the best, but truly enjoyable and fun to play. I have the game on my computer, but the Xbox One version is really


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