The Castle 039;s Video Server Crack Download [32|64bit] [Updated-2022]

The Castle’s Video Server application was designed to allow remote control PC to play video files.
It allows for a simple and easy to use interface into directories of video files stored on local, remote or removable drives.
Here are some key features of “The Castle’s Video Server”:
■ Embedded HTTP server with customizable listen port
■ Customizable Directory selection and descending options
■ Customizable Style Sheet to change the look and feel
■ Customizable file format list
■ Customizable keyboard commands
■ Uses Windows Media Player 9 for playback
■ Playback control through the web interface
■ Optimized for the small displays of hand-helds
■ The server can auto-start when run if desired
■ Displays contents of vs_readme.txt, if present, before list of files so you can add notes
■ Windows Media Player 9









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The Castle 039;s Video Server

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System Requirements:

This mod is not affiliated with Bethesda Game Studios.
Gameplay Overview:
No modifications to existing Gameplay.
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