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MaxxHi5 EQ provides you with a lightweight audio plugin that you can use to enhance your sounds and mixes.
With the help of MaxxHi5 EQ, you will be able to generate original sounds and unleash your creativity.







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The EQ Plug-in is an equalizer that uses a curve to control the frequency response. It offers a wide range of three selectable shapes. You can tune in easily, independently of the tonality, and you can also see the influence of the curve on the sound, while listening to a virtual instrument patch.


For adventurous digital musicians, the life in the fast lane is the way to go! and here I also hope that you are welcomed. The fast lane means full speed ahead, and since EQ plugins have always been an essential part of my workflow, I have not looked back. They are all about saving time as well as spending it. And when it comes to EQs, the more you have, the better…

MaxxHi5 EQ introduces the fast lane with two EQ’s: the Fast Lane and the Extra Fast Lane. What is it that you would like to do with EQs?
You see, EQs are an essential tool. And that is why I chose the life in the fast lane. Being experienced is really helpful, and I can only recommend using the Fast Lane and the Extra Fast Lane from MaxxHi5 EQ. And with that, I can guarantee you that you will be able to benefit from the full experience and everything that this EQ has to offer.

The Fast Lane
The Fast Lane is an 8-band low pass EQ with a … Read the rest