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The forest is the domain of the Kobolds. It is their home – they left the human lands years ago, knowing that the people would not protect them. Now they are finally being returned to the land of their ancestors and must make their way in the new and unfamiliar world. They have seen many changes in their time away from the human cities.
Wolves now roam the forests and the temperature has dropped by 10 degrees. The people of this land do not worship the dragons any longer. They have come to fear their elders and will not help the Kobolds. The humans now build their homes in the woods and dare to call them “home”.
The Kobolds must learn to live side-by-side with the man that has occupied their lands and if they continue to dwell in the forest they will die.
This is your chance to be the hero. Will you stand by the Kobolds or help the people. This is a story about making difficult choices and the consequences that they bring.

Savage Worlds

This is a game of moderate complexity which can be played with character levels ranging from 1 to 60 and takes about 3 hours to play. See the “Instructions” document for further details and suggestions.

Savage Worlds is a character-driven roleplaying game of worlds within worlds, where every decision counts. Play in small, medium, or large parties and customize your character to suit your play style.

A game of characters, options, and consequences – no dice and no referee.

Your character might die. You decide when they live or die.

Character creation is fast and intuitive.

No “rules lawyering” for the referee.

Your character’s successes and failures, good and bad choices, and dice rolls all determine … Read the rest