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Lock And Unlock Your PC With USB Drive Software Crack [32|64bit]

Lock and Unlock Your PC With USB Drive Software is a simple application designed to provide you with the option to lock your computer by using a USB pen drive. The application enables you to protect your PC from other users who might want to use your files.
If you work in an office, you might want to lock your computer when you are away from your desktop. Although the Windows operating systems allow you to protect your system with the user password, this program comes with a different approach which should be more reliable.
Unlike a password which can be guessed or cracked by other users, this tool enables you to create a unique key that you can take with you when you leave the office. The key is represented by a USB storage device that needs to be plugged in when you want to unlock the workstation.
In order to lock the computer you just have to specify the device and click one button. After storing the information required to unlock the computer, the stick is disconnected allowing you to unplug it and leave the office.
While your USB stick is not plugged in, the screen is blocked with a warning message which prevents other users from opening other applications. However, you can still view the task bar and the opened programs by using the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination.
Although it might seem like a convenient way to block access to your files, the data stored on your stick is deleted every time you unlock the PC. Therefore, you need to repeat the process every time you need to leave your desk.
The program provides you with an alternative to the classic password protection and is easy to use. However, it is not cheap and it still allows others to … Read the rest