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This is a simple text editor with many functions that allows you to change the structure of the text and provide a simple means of creating and editing notes, and creating relations. There are many types of structuring available, and they can be arranged in the following ways:
• Relations
These are the basic relations to help in the operation of the proofing process. When you input the symbol you need to be sure that the relation will happen, which will give the structure.
• Archiving
This is a means of setting up a new text file and a new paragraph in case the tool won’t work with the input that is being given.
• Storing
This is a means of keeping a normal text together with the syntax highlighting and the relations in order to be able to edit the file in the future.
• Tags
This is a means of adding extra information for the purpose of the application, such as line numbers, notes or references to the text.
• Indenting
This will allow for a formatting of the text to occur, so the indenting can be performed.
• Coordinating
This is a means of creating coordinates of the text.
• Symbols
This is a means of adding the content of the text with symbols and graphics.
• Notation
This is a means of converting a word into an equation.
• Comments
This will allow people to highlight or take notes within the text. There are many different characters available, including dates, phone numbers, etc.
• Quoting
This is a means of arranging the text to be in a quoted style.
• Customizing
This is a way for the user to make modifications to the text in … Read the rest