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When your archipelago is invaded, you and your citizens flee into the forest to seek shelter and protection, your refuge is suddenly infected with a savage alien beast. It is up to you to contain the threat before the city is overrun.
The gameplay mechanics are based on that of Minecraft, and the game will be fully 3D. You build your homes, roads, temples, and anything else you want, and you may even be able to add non-building items such as weapons and armor. The mechanics and gameplay are intended to be used together in a personal or cooperative way.
May you Hold Your Own.
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Character Hunger: Character hunger is one of the core mechanics of this game. Your character hunger will eventually regulate your food intake and will otherwise affect your health.

Thirst: Thirst mechanics are another core mechanic of this game. Your character will begin their training in areas of thirst when the world becomes too arid.

Body Temperature: Body temperature will be used to determine the amount of damage your character takes from falling temperatures. When the character is unable to maintain their body temperature, it will cause the character to take less damage.

Infrared: Infrared will be used to register hot & cold areas.

Blood Sugar/Blood Pressure: Blood sugar and blood pressure will determine the amount of damage the player takes from the environment. Every 30 seconds, the player will take some type of damage depending on the character’s blood sugar/blood pressure.

Vehicle Hunger: When your vehicle is subjected to high temperatures, it will be subjected to a penalty on movement speed. Similarly, when your vehicle is subjected to extreme cold, the vehicle will have a reduced carrying capacity.

Hunting: Hunting is another core mechanic in the game. Hunting … Read the rest