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I was out on a job run over a beautiful Spring day. I had my trusty.375 magnum with me, should a chopper try to get a shot at me. I turned a corner and was met with a group of full-auto Mausers. I made a run for it, and managed to make it back to a shady alley.
I had no choice but to lay down some cover fire and absorb a bunch of bullets. I got hit, but I was still alive. I heard a couple of my coworkers yell to “get some drinks and go to the bowling alley” so we could all celebrate my successful mission. I was still alive.

Thought I’d share one of my favorite things about using League for the first time.
This game is one of my favorite games to play when I’m learning a new champion, but also one of my favorites when I’m just goofing around and want to learn new champions quickly.
What is it about?
Changelings are adorable little beasts, and I know a lot of people who play them. Unfortunately, they are very specialized and require practice to play. That’s what I wanted to change.
Changelings are part tiny, fast, explosive life forms. I wanted to create a game that could teach you the ins and outs of these little guys, making them not only fun to play, but also a good challenge to learn.
What do I need to know?
5 to get started.

Quick Explanation
After I started with LoL, I saw something that I liked, but didn’t know how to play. So I asked on Reddit, and people told me about this game called Wurm’s Adventures: The ‘Town’.
Many people said that it was a good first … Read the rest