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Password Management Specialist & Windows Password Cracker
Windows Password Cracking (WPC):
Windows Password Cracking is a powerful tool to extract Windows Password from their text files. WPC supports Windows Password cracking offline and online.
Advanced Password Extractor:
Password Extractor is a handy and easy to use application for extracting lost and forgotten Windows passwords. It extracts a list of all Windows passwords from text files and works with all versions of Windows.
Password Cracker:
It is used to crack windows passwords and common passwords of sites and web browsers. It supports password cracking offline and online.
Advanced Password Changer:
It can change windows password and others with different algorithms. It supports windows password changing offline and online.
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Password Duplication & Synchronization:
Allows you to copy your Windows password from one machine to another. Allows you to synchronize Windows password between different folders. Supports all versions of Windows.
Log in Any User:
Using the free, simple and easy to use Log in Any User, you can log in to any Windows account. Just make sure to keep track of the password. That’s all you need to remember. If you forget the password, you can just go back to the page, and you’re in.
Root Process Killer:
Easy, elegant and highly efficient. It will not only kill the top programs (running as root) but all other … Read the rest