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Guess That Song are a collection of great pop and rock songs. Guess That Song is a free gadget that includes around 1000 songs, and is totally free to use. You can use the side…

by Kode5, released December 19, 2013

Back Me Up


By digzrann

Back Me Up for iOS 6.5 is a simple backup app that allows you to backup either your entire iTunes library, or selected tracks. You may also copy video from your device to your Mac/PC. The best thing to it is that it comes with great support for iOS 7.// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.

// Simple test to ensure that the inlining of constant-sized loads is working.

extern double __foo;

double __foo __attribute__ ((const));
int main() {
double x = __foo;
“, x);
return 0;
Dynamics and status of the western Mediterranean book


The Western Mediterranean Book has traditionally had a significant status in the European context. For the Arabic world it was a critical field of study, whilst for the Greek world its importance has diminished over the years. Nevertheless the book has always been of great importance for the revival of classical learning.
The book is no longer very popular in Spain, Portugal or Greece. The book is however very important in Italy, where it is in the public domain.
It has maintained its standing in France and in the various EU countries where its status as a reflection of the Renaissance enables it to be studied and interpreted.
The paper will deal with the main issues for the author to consider about the book … Read the rest