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“Glitchspace is a 3D game made in C#, Unity, and the framework ZAP. It’s entirely procedural and the game runs in a series of instanced VR worlds. There is no menu or story — just a glitch where you can go and play. The goal is to move around the different worlds, using your body to traverse, avoiding obstacles in your way and interacting with the world itself.
Each world contains two areas that can be explored: the source level, and the target level. The source level is a rough replica of a 3D space, the color and texture of the walls and floor changing with the world’s underlying complexity. The target area is a 180° rotation of the source world, and is designed to be perfectly safe and physically correct (there are no moving platforms or holes).
The environments are generated entirely from procedural abstractions, and the user has absolutely no control over the physics of the worlds. The source areas can be explored in any order, and the target areas cannot be interchanged, so the player must learn the world systems first, and then move on.”
— Press Release from Space Budgie (2014)
About Ronan Quigley:
About Ronan:
Ronan is a software developer and artist currently working on his first game, Glitchspace. His projects are influenced heavily by old video games from the 1980s, early 1990s and 2000s as well as the RTS genre from that era. He often makes interactive, surreal gaming experiences and is heavily inspired by observing the nature of games and how they are played.


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