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Traumatic brain injury is linked to a variety of cognitive sequelae in children and young adults. The temporal onset of cognitive deficits after head injury is unknown, but longitudinal study of young and middle-aged adults has shown that recovery of cognitive function can be discerned in the first few years following injury. This study investigated the duration of cognitive deficits after mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in a cohort of young adults (N = 65, mean age 25.02, SD = 5.26, range 18-38 years) who sustained a mild TBI between 5 and 10 years previously. Cognitive tests of memory, processing speed, and attention were administered at follow-up. Whole brain MRIs were also acquired to measure the size of the subcortical white matter and cingulate. Findings indicated that both small and large volume lesions reduce white matter volume (WMV) in cingulum and subcortical white matter, and WMV associated with the hippocampus, corpus callosum, and frontal lobe. While only one memory test showed a significant group difference, compared to the control group, more subjects showed an impairment on the majority of the memory tests at follow-up. The results demonstrate that cognitive deficits persist for several years after mild TBI in young adults.Weekly Mayo Clinic Alumni Newsletter

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