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Why can’t I duplicate /dev/zero?

I would like to run dd on /dev/zero but I cannot as I cannot run dd on /dev/zero. The only explanation I can see is that it is write protected, but the underlying filesystem (ext3) does allow me to use dd to read from /dev/zero.
What could cause /dev/zero to be write protected?


/dev/zero is a special pseudo-device that writes zeros to the named file, which may not be standard.
devpts and tmpfs(#) are the only filesystems I know of that allow for
a zero file. A zero file would actually put a bad file descriptor in /dev/zero, which would prevent a real read() from working.

To comment a bit: to write to /dev/zero, you should use:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/yourzero

If you need more user-controlled data, you can use:
dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/destination/file


What makes this even more confusing is that I thought the purpose of /dev/zero was to allow use of -u (aka the non-destructive read) option for the dd command


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