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Name FSX Steam Edition: Night Environment: Massachusetts Add-On
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New and innovative FSX: Steam Edition version of the popular VFR night flying add-on.
Night Environment: Massachusetts comes with brand new lighting for the whole state.

Expanded night conditions are used with all top quality 3rd party scenery.

Fully configurable environment intensity allows to set the night flying experience to your preference.

Realistic FSX scenery – Wreckage can glow at night and reflect lights – Icing makes the snowy landscape visible.

Allows to set up the “Free Fall” mode, which is important for night flying.

These features are full functioning FSX: Steam Edition version. Detailed description for the Night Environment: Massachusetts is on the included readme.pdf.


You may find some modifications listed here:

LocalModification.ini – This mod is for Personal Use only – No commercial use of this mod allowed. Recommended for DX11 hardware or virtual machines.

localmod.ini – Changes only the intensity of the lighting

hsxxxxxxx.ltx – Changes all default mod settings



The application includes a configuration tool, included in the Tools tab in the Steam Library. Click on “Night Environment Manager” icon, just to the left of the Save button in the main window. There you’ll find a range of tools allowing you to adjust these settings:

Simulation speed: Choose from Low, Medium and High.

Reflection intensity: From 001 to 100.

Reflections slider: Move the slider to the left to increase reflections, moving the slider to the right to reduce reflections.

Slope Radius: From 001 to 200.

Default Road type: Select from default ASGS material or create your own.

Airport Type: Select from default material or create your own.

Landing Area: … Read the rest