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Users who are involved in creating interfaces for touchscreen kiosks and other touch-compatible devices might have difficulties in finding an accessible software solution for such actions. FrontFace for Touch Kiosks was designed to offer people a straightforward way of setting up custom touchscreen interfaces. It will enable them to create their layouts, with configurable buttons, media contents and behavior for touch-compatible devices.
User-friendly interface that offers an excellent balance between handling and number of features
FrontFace for Touch Kiosks presents people with a straightforward interface that provides numerous tools for creating touchscreen interfaces. Offering a stylish layout filled with colorful features and menus, the application allows one to set up a custom interface in no time.
People can define their own buttons, each one being customizable regarding appearance, function, assigned media content or position on the final interface layout. Through its intuitive tab sequence, the utility is quite easy to handle and offers a good workflow for designing custom touchscreen interfaces.
Create your own, custom interfaces for touchscreen devices, by using this intuitive application
The application allows people to add their own media contents to the preferred sections of the interface (images, video clips, documents) and experienced users might be happy to know that it also supports more advanced features.
To this end, one will be able to add custom plug-ins, HTML files or even applications, which can all be embedded in the final interface. Once the preferred configuration has been achieved, the resulted interface can be deployed on local systems, USB drives or online, directly on the kiosks or other touch compatible devices.
Creative software solution for those who need to design touchscreen interfaces for compatible devices
FrontFace for Touch Kiosks cold be a good companion for people who wish to create their own, custom touchscreen interfaces for kiosks … Read the rest