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Roblox is an online platform for user-generated building and gaming. It is a free game played in a sandbox environment where players are able to develop their own games, or play the games created by other players.

The online platform was first launched in the early days of video games as a multiplayer online building game for children in 2004, but later re-imagined itself as an in-game virtual world. The company only worked as a studio until 2009 when they changed their business model to a freemium status in order to acquire the financial stability that the gaming industry needed at that time.

In July 2008, Roblox started on their journey of taking the game hosting platform to the mobile gaming realm. The development of the game for this platform was handled by their engineering team, who went through the process of developing a game on the Android platform in an engine called “Blocks”. Because of this engine, Roblox Blocky Friends is the only game on their entire platform that supports a virtual world that has the ability to be played in both a 2D and 3D view, where the 2D view is only accessible when the user is on their computer. Roblox did not release any games on the iPad until this month, with their first game being the Roblox Public School, which is a spinoff of the Toca Boca game franchise.

Roblox was the first game engine to be included in the iPad version, and was released in 2013. Roblox changed their business model from a subscription business model to a freemium business model in order to compete with the game markets of the time. This model allows users to play Roblox for free, with in-game … Read the rest