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Free Histogram Maker is a straightforward and very easy to use piece of software that can save you the time and effort required to manually create charts, by allowing you to simply input the source values and obtain your histogram within moments.
Clean and practical appearance
The application is very accessible and intuitive, even for computer novices, as its self-explanatory functions make it simple to work with regardless of your prior level of experience.
Free Histogram Maker’s interface is made up of a single, adjustable window, where the graph itself is displayed, while in the lower section of the screen it features the input field for your values along with the ‘Classes’ menu.
Swiftly generate histograms from a given set of values
The program lets you manually input the data that you wish to work with, separating them with a comma. However, if the entries are too many or too complicated for you to type by hand, Free Histogram Maker lets you load a TXT file.
From the ‘Classes’ menu, you can choose a preferred setting, being able to use the ‘Auto’ mode or select a number between 1 and 100. However, Free Histogram Maker does not let you determine the color of the elements in your chart, nor other such appearance-related aspects.
In terms of output format, the utility is able to export the graphs as images, either as JPG, BMP or GIF, which you can then paste in your project. Their size can only be adjusted by altering the dimensions of the program’s window. Moreover, you can print the histogram with just a mouse click on the dedicated button in its interface.
A useful histogram creator
To conclude, Free Histogram Maker is a handy and effective application that can help pupils and students quickly generate charts from a … Read the rest