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Color is controlled with the Hue/Saturation dialog, as seen here.

With Photoshop, you can manipulate color by adjusting hue, saturation, and lightness in a single dialog box, called the Hue/Saturation dialog. The dialog is located in the adjustments palette.

To open the Hue/Saturation dialog, click the Adjustments icon in the Tools panel or press Shift+Alt+Ctrl+I (in Windows) or Shift+Option+Ctrl+I (in OS X). Photoshop displays the dialog. You can use the dialog to colorize an image or to add a secondary color to an image.

The Hue/Saturation dialog is organized so that you can adjust hue, saturation, and lightness independently. To adjust a single color, begin by selecting the Color menu item from the menu on the left side of the dialog. From here you can modify Hue, Saturation, and Lightness.

The color of the Hue slider is based on the currently selected brush or pen. This means that when you select a brush, the color you see on the Hue slider is the color displayed in the paintbox when you click the mouse. When you select a pen, the color that you see on the Hue slider is displayed in the paintbox when you click the mouse.

You can change the brush or pen color by clicking the Brushes and Pens items at the top of the dialog, or by clicking the swatch that represents the color you want to change. You can also select a color from the swatches in the dialog.

You can cycle through colors in the swatches by clicking next or previous on the swatches box. After you select a color, Photoshop will snap the currently selected color to the swatch, making it easy to change from one color … Read the rest