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The Invoice/Product KickStart template for FileMaker Pro will allow you to create any number of product catalogs from a single base, consisting of documents and fields, and be able to insert products and/or their descriptions on invoices.
Another powerful feature of this template is the ability to set the invoice’s due date and automatically set the corresponding field to “Invoice due date”. If the product has no invoice, the template can redirect the output to an external file.
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How to Create a Simple QuickBooks Invoice Template in FileMaker Pro 12

FileMaker Pro 12 is a powerful personal financial management tool which is used for tracking and organizing information about the bills, expenses, income and leads.
This article will help you to create a simple quickbooks invoice template in FileMaker Pro 12 using the Import Wizard, and with the help of some handy components in this template.
Start by creating an account in QuickBooks Online and then go to the FileMaker Pro app and head to the main dashboard. After that, click on FileMaker New.
In the Import Wizard, choose QuickBooks and click on Next.
After the import wizard is completed, open the Items list and add a new item for the new template and name it as Invoice.
Now, in the Details tab of your New Item, click on the Text button, type the name of your invoice template on the Text box and give some helpful information regarding the invoice.
After that, hit Save and then click on Save Template.
The newly created QuickBooks Invoice template is ready for use.
After creating a template, just open the Template in FileMaker, add all … Read the rest