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FlashCam is a software that could easily share you webcam over the internet. It includes latest video and audio transfer technologies.
Mpeg-4 video encoding algorithm with MP3 audio encoding technology gives perfect video transfer result.
Client is based on Macromedia Flash � it is fast loading, multiplatform and friendly with Mpeg-4 video.
Our application not requires any 3rd party tools for video transfer or web hosting.
Here are some key features of “FlashCam”:
■ Allows FlashCam application and flash based video chat client embedded into a browser to communicate with each other
■ Supports multiple connections on FlashCam applications as well as flash client viewers
■ Integrates with FlashCam site script
■ Support private chat session – gives an option to creat per-minute paid show
■ Cameras/Performers management (allow to register new FlashCam cameras in the system)
■ User management
■ Per-minute billing option
■ Transactions statistics
■ Transaction report filtered per customer or performer







FlashCam License Code & Keygen Free

FlashCam Torrent Download is an application that allow you to share your webcam via Flash and Flash based clients. With FlashCam you can do all your webcam sharing via the “Lightning” menu.
FlashCam Features:
* Support of multiple users and connections on the same FlashCam server
* Support of private chat between 2 (or more) FlashCam users
* Support of individual logins on FlashCam server
* Support of all Flash based applications (Flash-based chat client, Flash based video conferencing client, Flash based website gallery, Flash based video embeds, Flash based photo viewer and Flash based video player)
* Support of bandwidth cap and user share billing
* Support of per-minute billing (1 minute billing per FlashCam user, 30 minutes billing per FlashCam user)
* Support of user/customer management (user/customer billing and customer tracking)… Read the rest