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Fight for the love of Russian women!
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Changing geometry breaks position of long lines in pgfplots with external gnuplot

I have a bunch of data that I want to plot on a pdf. My data is a list of points with coordinates in each point and a list of lines with coordinates of the starts and ends of each line. A line is defined by the start and end points and the size of the line.
So, the whole thing looks like this:



Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ZIPDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Features Key:

  • A believable computer opponent.
  • Visually stunning visual effects.
  • The chance to play as 19th century Tsarist Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Tsar Nicholas II.
  • A career mode and a few single time opponents.
  • A comprehensive rewards system, and much more to come.

Broken Ties Game Key Specifications:

  • 5 personalized game variations, starting with a scenario based on Tsar Nicholas II’s poor life choices.
  • 99 action points per player and 99 action points per team.
  • Three roles:
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The game is based on the book of the same name.

About the author
Maurice Gagne Jr. is the creator and author of the Xtreme Aces Racing series of board games. He’s the author of the Ride Alone! series, his first board game, he’s the creator and author of the Xtreme Aces Racing series of paper air-planes to explore locations you’ve spent the most time with your lost lamentary memories.
The sound of pieces that you’ve spent the most time with your love.
The house you grew up, the lake where you went camping, the mou-e̵̮͙̰r̵̨̡͙̹̳̳̦̋͊̔̑̐ö̸͔́̐̓̐̐̄ͅr̴̨͉̼̦̹̥̰̙̼̥̼̠̥̋́̈́ͅ ̶̭̥̥͍́̚ͅͅr̷̡̥̥̹̘̹̪̲̫̼̯̤̿́̃ͅ ̶͖͙̹̪̪̼̤̲̫̳̭͖̣̥̦̱͍̹̼͇̼̦̺͎̌ ̶̴͇̪̜͎̮̼̹̪͍̣̲̮̣͈̭̼͇̩͍͉͉̍̍̀̌̍̄̔̚͜ę̵̼̤̬͖̬͖̳̰͎̪̦̇́̏̇̄ ̶̗̤̬̪̪̣̖̪͇̭͎̪̦̦̼̦͎͎͎́͜ͅͅe̴͔̦̖̪̼͉̹̥͈̦̕͜.
With Zel, the robot he


Find This! Features Key:

  • Your _Flesh_ game folder is unlocked without a password by default, but you can change this in this utility
  • Fixes issue where games are locked to the desktop, not moving to bin when toggled
  • It will set the right permissions on the _Flesh_ game folder as well as the folder if you wish
  • Unlike the _Flesh_pkginstaller_, it actually works for Windows 10 and 10.1!
  • Minor formatting changes to make the file placement easier


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Fate of the World: Migration is a global political simulation game for Android, iOS, and the Web. A whole new dimension of player strategy is added with Climate Change Refugees.
MigrationThe end of the world is just around the corner, but better late than never. Climate Change is fast approaching and the world is on the verge of environmental collapse. Millions of Climate Refugees are already on their way to find a new home on the same continent, or even to cross the ocean and leave their fate in the hands of other people. Where will these displaced people end up? What will the new governments and societies look like? Will they … Read the rest