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The File Lister is a small application that allows you to get a pretty list of file properties, mostly interesting for searching for information. It provides support for a regular file, a directory, a network file share, and a ZIP archive. The tool is equipped with a set of about 30 additional commands and may be executed via a command line shell (cmd.exe) as a stand-alone application.
The main characteristic of the tool is the ability to work with and list different file content, including its properties. For instance, you can list and display the most recent contacts added to Outlook or the last time the file was modified. You can also query a network location (a server, a network share, or a container folder) and get a list of all files and directories stored in it. It also allows you to retrieve security properties such as the file path, last write time, modifications dates, and so on.
When a user of the tool selects a file, their content is shown in a new window. Next, they can get other information like a file or folder properties, directory hierarchy, or MD5 hash. While adding a file or folder to the file list, the users can specify the content they want to be displayed as well as the set of properties to retrieve.
Built-in supports for different file formats include: – TXT, HTML, HTML with embedded fonts, JPEG, GIF, PNG, ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, IMG, PSP, PSD, RAW, BMP, AI, EMF, EWM, TIF, CUR, DCR, DDS, DPX, EXIF, MDH, EXE, … Read the rest