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Festofluidsim5fullversion[PORTABLE] Free55 👊🏿

Festofluidsim5fullversion[PORTABLE] Free55 👊🏿




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. abdullahEIIDA Webinar: Who are the willing buyers?

Webinar: Who are the willing buyers?

Posted on: 29 August 2015

A new study from Grant Thornton International Insight’s Direct Response Institute has revealed some interesting findings on who are the willing buyers among the 3.4 million UK consumers who have bought an eVAT registered product online. Despite being the quickest growing online channel for retail, only one in 10 online purchases are made via search engines, using keywords in the title or description of the products. This group is much more likely to be proactive in the purchase process, which in turn may be the key to retaining this group of consumers.

The study also finds that when it comes to online mobile shopping, the mobile channel is perceived to have the same ease of use as search engines, but the awareness of mobile eCommerce platforms has not been reached. Mobile is an important channel for growth, with mobile eCommerce growth having outstripped that for overall eCommerce, with mobile users purchasing £2.1bn in 2013. The growing sophistication of mobile buyers demands that the experiences they find online will include those tailored to their specific mobile requirements and mobile wallet functionality such as NFC is already driving the market.

The study also shows that it is important for retailers and eCommerce brands to understand the reasons behind why consumers have … Read the rest