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Fast Font Set Crack Free Registration Code Free (2022)

FastFontSet is a program that allows you selection of fonts for your needs. Youw ill finally be able to select the font that exactly fits your needs from all the fonts that are installed on your PC.
You can create, store and use “sets” of fonts (for example, “poster”, “hand-written” etc.), so that in the future, you don’t have to search all the inappropriate fonts again.
Here are some key features of “Fast Font Set”:
■ look at the fonts installed on your computer,
■ select font style, size and color to display,
■ display any entered text, also the alphabet and code character set,
■ load a sample of the text from a file,
■ display fonts how they will look on a printed sheet,
■ change scale of the preview,
■ print the generated samples with variants of appearance,
■ select all or only some fonts at once,
■ invert the list of fonts,
■ display all or only chosen fonts,
■ group fonts and create user sets of fonts,
■ quickly select any user set of fonts.
■ IBM-compatible personal computer with 486 or higher processor
■ 1 MB of available hard disk space







Fast Font Set [Updated-2022]

Fast Font Set Crack Keygen is a small program which can be used for displaying and selecting the fonts that are installed on your computer. You can easily customize the fonts that you see on your screen, so that it will look like you like it.
Fast Font Set allows you to display any chosen text on the screen using the fonts which are selected in the list. You can also change the fonts in the preview window, so that the text displayed there looks the way it should look on the … Read the rest