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Meladin Quest can help music enthusiasts compose music on their computers.
Underwhelming GUI, at first glance
When launching the app for the first time, its main window might seem a little bit discouraging, as the buttons do not have any names or descriptions.
However, hovering your mouse cursor over them reveals a brief explanation for each button, so you can quickly get used with all the features. Furthermore, there are some samples you can load to experiment with the feature set of Meladin Quest.
Automates music composing
The main purpose of Meladin Quest is to simplify and automate the process of composing without missing out on the part of flexibility.
You have the liberty to enhance your project by adding a new key from the dedicated menu, while also pinning a motive to prevent it from being modified when there are new variant suggestions.
Includes hotkey support
After you added a sample project, you need to take the time to discover all the supported functions, such as erasing a note by simply right-clicking it.
There are also dedicated hotkeys for moving to the next or to the previous motive, as well as to insert a new phrase or to remove the current motive.
Additionally, you can you can use the keyboard to play the current motive, the previous one or the next three motives.
Export to MID
You can listen to the result every step of the way and when you are pleased with the outcome, you can export it to MID and share it with friends or just it on other devices.
All in all, Meladin Quest can come in handy to all those who want to compose melodies using their computers, yet who have advanced skills or who are looking to automate the process as much as … Read the rest