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Exercise Recorder is a lightweight app designed to simplify the way you keep track of your workout program. Unlike more complicated software utilities, this one aims to speed up everything by letting you write exactly what you need to do in an offline environment. Data can be saved to file.
Easy to integrate into Windows
This application has a Modern UI and was specially made for devices running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Because it's a trusted Microsoft tool, it can be downloaded from the Windows Store and implemented into your Start Screen or Menu.
Once launched, the utility displays a large window with a gradient purple background, where you can spot two large, initially empty boxes. You can type or paste text in any of them.
Personalize your workout plan by entering the exercises
The difference is that, in the second box, the text you enter is automatically sorted into separate columns and delimited by tabs. Just click the Add Item button to place it in the larger box. Content can be edited anytime as well as cleared with one click.
If you want to export information to file, click the Save button and tell the tool where you want to save the plain text document and what you want to call it using the file browser. This way, you can create a backup of your workout program and set up new schedulers along the way.
There are no other apps implemented by the developer. Thanks to the Windows built-in options, you can take a snapshot of the app and share it using various programs you have installed, such as Twitter or OneNote.
Lacks richer options and configuration properties
We didn't have any troubles running the tool on Windows 10. However, Exercise Recorder doesn't have richer options and configuration … Read the rest