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Executive Assault 2 Free Download (April-2022)

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Originally designed for VR, this OTT takes in the magic and wonder of all things Dinosaur!

You will find this game to be an ode to the nostalgic wonder of The Classic Era!

When you no longer play the video games of your childhood (like they are dead…they are), then you experience the magic of gaming through those nostalgic eyes.

In this title, you can play on all modern day systems which are compatible with VR.

Join our Discord Community, and other Dinosaur enthusiasts to share your favorite moments from the video games of your youth!Q:

Add gesture to maps iOS app, using mapview in tabbar app

I want to add double tap for zoom in and out in my iOS map app. I have a tabbar application.
I know this is similar to
How to add double tap gesture to UITabBarController?
But it is giving same effect to the map view and tabbar view.
What to do now?


You should be able to tap directly on the map view and do a double click as you would on an image.
You can test your taps by setting a breakpoint on your double tap action and tap directly on the map view. You should then be able to tap again, and the breakpoint will be hit, and the action would fire.

Embryonic origin of the corticospinal tract and spinal nucleus of the trigeminal nerve.
The development of the corticospinal tract, which is thought to be the main motor efferent pathway to the cerebral cortex, is also a basic part of the development of the central nervous system. In the present study, we have reconstructed the origin and termination of the embryonic corticospinal … Read the rest