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Operating systems are incredibly complex pieces of software which contain multiple services, features, and processes that run in the background. While most users are oblivious to what goes on behind the smooth running of an OS, professionals rely on various applications to monitor their computers. EventLogChannelsView is a program designed to track all the information stored on your PC pertaining to events.
A straightforward application that does not require installation
The software is delivered as a compressed folder, and once you unzip it, you can benefit from its features. When you open the executable file, a complete list of all event log channels will be displayed. The interface is organized to provide as much information as possible. This includes name, publisher, file name, status, size, type of channel, isolation, the number of events, and so on.
You can organize the results in any way you see fit; you can order them alphabetically, display only enabled or disabled channels, mark odd or even rows, and choose individual columns.
Perform batch operations on event log channels
The application runs a fast scan and displays all the channels in the main window. Once you decide which logs should be enabled or disabled, you can select them and take the necessary actions.
You can also operate the program via command lines. You can save results to certain formats or sort them based on columns.
Another interesting feature is the fact you can change the data source. You are not restricted just to the computer you are working on; you can view the information on remote machines. This feature can prove useful to system administrators.
A simple utility that runs flawlessly
In conclusion, EventLogChannelsView is a small, yet efficient tool for advanced users. If you do not have some knowledge of the background processes of … Read the rest