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It started with a rather simple idea: What about a Metroidvania on a Solar-Landscape? Perfect! So I set out to build it.
But not only a Metroidvania. Instead I intended to use a unique setting. If there is anything I really love about Metroidvania games, it’s the caves.
Somewhere in their world, you’ll never have the feeling of just running around. They are home to secrets and hidden items.
With an exclusive GUI System, I wanted to make every Cave and every Item as distinct as possible, so you’ll have the feeling of exploring a whole new world.
At first, it was not a Metroidvania. It was a platformer with the first steps of an E.R.S.
I defined a main character, a basic structure and a set of very simple abilities and items.
It was fine for prototyping. But I knew that something was missing: Caves!
But this was an engine game, and I wanted to code and implement the caves.
So I thought of that Solar-based concept and crafted a specific one.
It would be a version of Metroidvania, where your energy would be stored in Solar Cells instead of a Health Meter.
It would look like a sort of Minecraft-like game. You’d have the ability to take control of a solar-powered bot, during which you’d travel the Solar-Planet E.R.S.
You’d research technologies and items, visit different places and combine the items to solve puzzles and progress through the game.
I extended the platformer concept and created the concept of energy. Instead of health I’d have available energy and whenever I would
explore a new cave it would consume this energy and I’d return back to the Solar-Bot each time with 0 energy. This would lead me to the notion of
saving power and mostly never going … Read the rest