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The Strength of Greentown is suitable for individual or community-based planning and scheduling. The program supports multiple calendars and a wide range of activities or projects with customizable user interface and integrated webtools. You are able to select projects with easy to understand data entry screens and interactive reports.
Greentown is flexible, so it is possible to create new projects or follow planned activities with the possibility to save data in a wide range of custom user-defined formats such as CCX, EXCEL and XML. Greentown is also suitable for large groups where information and reports can be shared easily.
To begin, users can adjust the general appearance of the calendar to their liking. The tool covers aspects such as “timeline”, “calendar”, “tag”, “style”, “color” and “music”.
A free and open database enables users to edit and customize the tool as they wish.

Hey there! You know how users can access your computer and do stuff you don’t want them to? We’ve all had a moment where, maybe, you want to give that extra help system a go… and we’ve all wished for a quick and simple application, that we can use to control and keep an eye on what users are doing on your PC.
Part of our job at TeamViewer’s HQ is to look out for new ideas to implement, and this is one of them! Today we’re introducing you to BitScan.
BitScan is a security application with a difference: instead of looking at bits and bytes, and analyzing their format, it’s bit by bit; by simply activating it, you can control what happens to your … Read the rest