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Emperium Hospitality Point of Sale is a complex application designed for a wide range of client oriented and catering businesses. The app is fully compatible with Touch Screen devices and Credit Card processing.
Installs two different clients
After the installation process is over, two separate icons will be created, one for the administration/manager, and one for the employees, the actual POS interface.  Emperium Admin can be used for staff management, stock orders, access privileges, product description, promotions and more.
Manages orders and reservations
In order to maintain a business you need clients, the clients are paying money for your products and the exchange is made. With this tool, you can process electronic transaction, cash payments, you can also apply discounts for products and services, hold or un-hold transactions, execute refunds and more.
Receipts can also be generated and it can also apply VAT percentages taking in consideration the countries and VAT values.
Staff organization and product reports
Use the Admin part of the POS to assign staff on daily tasks and create hourly reports that can help you keep track of staff activity. For example, all employees actions and transactions history are made into a log that can be accessed in order to verify one’s activity.
The Emperium software purchase ordering allows the business owners to buy stock at the right price and also with the AI, you are prompted to restock fast moving items and required food products to avoid wastage.
Handy and powerful POS
To sum it up, Emperium Hospitality Point of Sale is a dependable application that can be introduced to business that deals with clients and product distribution. Its two sided construction allows you to organize and manage the core business and to process any request from clients and partners. The application is not to difficult to comprehend … Read the rest