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BTT is a game targeted at casual and hardcore gamers. In this game instead of generic game modes you need to complete levels under a time limit to win. Every time a level is completed a new level is unlocked.
In the game there are 7 characters to unlock and you will unlock them all by beating all levels of each character.
In this game I’ve focused on the gameplay, nothing else. The levels have been designed to be challenging but not impossible to complete (hopefully!). There’s a lot of detailed levels out there but a lot of them are too easy and doesn’t reward you enough.
I’ve created this game with that in mind.
BTT has its own tutorial system to show you how the game works.
It uses the same game engine as ContainmentEX that I’ve used in ContainmentEX. I’ve included this to make sure the game runs smooth.
BTT is 100% FREE for Windows and I’ve been working on it since 2015. In the past years I’ve received lots of time and a lot of help to make this game work. I’ve decided to finally release it for people.

This was my first game and I’m proud of how it turned out.
The game is based on the working engine of Containment EX.
BTT uses the same engine but is 100% different and focused on complete a level in under 30 seconds.
The original Containment EX had a lot of bugs but I’ve fixed those as much as I can.

Buggy level?
Keep it for me! I’d appreciate it if you’d share your replays and tell me how I can improve it!

Win a gold medal for your speedrun!

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