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In ELKI, data mining algorithms and data management tasks are separated and allow for an independent evaluation. This separation makes ELKI unique among data mining frameworks like Weka or YALE and frameworks for index structures like GiST.
At the same time, ELKI is open to arbitrary data types, distance or similarity measures, or file formats.
The fundamental approach is the independence of file parsers or database connections, data types, distances, distance functions, and data mining algorithms. Helper classes, e.g. for algebraic or analytic computations are available for all algorithms on equal terms.







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ELKI is the acronym for “ELktonichen KIchStruktur”, a German acronym for “The numerical data structure kit”. ELKI is a free open source software for knowledge discovery in data.
ELKI is written in Java and consists of six main components.

Comments and improvements (additions, corrections) welcome

The input file structures for ELKI are the files obtained from the input streams of file parsers (DBF, xls, sas, text, native files,…) or obtained with the ExternalMemory class.
Besides these data types, it is also possible to read compressed files like zip and tar archives.

The standard types of the ELKI framework are the file parsers and databases. After reading a file, data mining algorithms can be applied to it or it can be put into a database.
The file parser component is used for writing: the database can be loaded from disk in read-only mode or it can be used as an object to be saved. Both parser and database can store null values.

The filters are a special class from ELKI. Filters are independent from data mining algorithms and can be used to select the input data in a way like a logical “and” or “or”.

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