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ebook2cw is a command line program which converts a plain text (ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8) ebook to morse code MP3 files.
ebook2cw can read a configuration file, ebook2cw.conf. In this file you can set all of the parameters which are available as command line parameters, to reduce typing work each time you use ebook2cw.
ebook2cw supports the full ISO 8859-1 charset (where mappings to CW symbols are applicable) and also UTF-8 (1- and 2-byte sequences). The latter so far includes most of the Latin characters, the Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew and Arabic alphabets.
A number of CW and MP3 parameters can be changed from their default values, by command line switches or a config file (see below). These are (default values in brackets):
· w wpm – CW speed in words per minute [25]
· e wpm – [Optional] Effective CW speed. If set, the spaces are sent at this speed instead of the character speed set by -w (“Farnsworth”).
· W x – [Optional] Extra Word spacing. Similar to -e, but only affects the inter- word spacing, not the inter-character spacing.
· f freq – audio frequency in Hz [600]
· Q minutes – Increase CW speed (QRQ) by 1wpm in intervals of ‘minutes’. Speed will be reset to the initial value at the start of each chapter. Zero means no QRQ. [0]
· n – Disables resetting the speed when using the -Q option.
· p – Disables the paragraph separator ()
· R risetime – risetime of the CW signal, in samples [50]
· F falltime – falltime, samples [50]
· s samplerate – samplerate for the MP3 file [11025]
· b bitrate – MP3 bitrate, kbps [16]
· q quality – MP3 quality, 1 (best) to 9 (worst) [5]
· c chapter separator – Split chapters at … Read the rest