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Like everyone else, I admit Ive always had this vision of Jeremiah, the big strong man who would stand atop an empty, silent city and shout and broadcast to the heavens the coming of the great new day.

That day is here and Ive written it down for you. Now, the big strong man can stand with the rest of us, and shout aloud: THE END is NEAR. The End is NEAR.

Unanswered Questions

Number 41, aka Virgil, the last remaining angel in Avogadro’s spreadsheet. — I (Virgil) have 4 more guesses. A) house, B) house, C) house, or D) house. — easy… house.

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Do you find that your ancient past keeps on giving you emotional problems? You need to control your destiny, and you need to know the source of your problems.

The ancient … Read the rest